Few words about Martingale

There is a betting system which tempts almost everyone who is just starting betting. The system name is Martingale and it promises really good results if you have enough money. Before everything else I have to say that this betting system is dangerous and should be used only from experienced punters who know what they are doing. Otherwise it will leads to losing your betting bank.

So, after this warning a few words about Martingale. It is a betting system which betting martingalecore is to double the sum you bet every time you lose a single bet.

For example if you bet 1 pound for team A to beat team B and you won you collect the winnings. Then you bet again. This time for team A to beat team C, but it doesn’t happen. You lose one pound. Then on the next bet you are going to make you will not bet just one pound but two. Let’s say you lose again. The third bet on the row should be for four pound. You have already bet 7 pounds for this row 1+2+4=7 and you are waiting for your third match to finish. Let’s say you have bet for team C to beat team B. It happens and you win. If your odds were 2 you will collect 8 pounds with 7 lost so you are 1 pound ahead.

There are some formulas which will show you how many pounds to bet on every step on the row depended from the odds for your bet and the sum you have already invested, so at the end to finish with some profits.

This betting system is based on the probability that soon or later you are going to win a match and you will return your investments. However, in the reality this never happen. There are bad days, weeks and even months and the betting bank is lost.

So, again! When you hear about Martingale and you are not experienced stay away from it.

If you want more information about this system you can take a closer look to this video:

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