Use betting exchanges!

If you want bigger winnings from your bets then you have to find a betting company which will give you bigger odds. It is not the same to bet for a win for Arsenal against Liverpool at 2.2 and on 2.5. Especially when you play with multiples these differences in the odds can be significant.

However, the betting houses are not giving bigger odds so easily so the punters have to find another solution. It is called betting exchanges. These are sites, really similar to the betting companies but they have one enormous difference. The punters bet not against the betting company but against each other. The company which holds the site is just a provider and for its service it takes small fees.

Why is it better to bet with betting betting exchangesexchanges instead of houses? Well, ordinary people are more likely to give you better odds. It is because of lack of understanding how the things work. It is because they strongly believe in one particular ending of the sports event. The reasons could be many, but the fact is that on betting exchanges a punter can have much higher odds compared to a betting house.

Of course, exchanges are not a panacea. They have their weaknesses too. The biggest one is that on exchanges it is really difficult to find other options to bet out of the most popular like how the match will end, under or over 2.5 goals, half time and full time result and a few others.

If you like to bet on something else even on a sport which is not so popular you will have to turn back again to the ordinary betting houses.

However, the betting exchanges are the future of this game and if you want to succeed in betting you should learn everything about them and start using them as soon as possible.

On the video below you will find an easy tutorial explaining how the betting exchanges work:

Few words about Martingale

There is a betting system which tempts almost everyone who is just starting betting. The system name is Martingale and it promises really good results if you have enough money. Before everything else I have to say that this betting system is dangerous and should be used only from experienced punters who know what they are doing. Otherwise it will leads to losing your betting bank.

So, after this warning a few words about Martingale. It is a betting system which betting martingalecore is to double the sum you bet every time you lose a single bet.

For example if you bet 1 pound for team A to beat team B and you won you collect the winnings. Then you bet again. This time for team A to beat team C, but it doesn’t happen. You lose one pound. Then on the next bet you are going to make you will not bet just one pound but two. Let’s say you lose again. The third bet on the row should be for four pound. You have already bet 7 pounds for this row 1+2+4=7 and you are waiting for your third match to finish. Let’s say you have bet for team C to beat team B. It happens and you win. If your odds were 2 you will collect 8 pounds with 7 lost so you are 1 pound ahead.

There are some formulas which will show you how many pounds to bet on every step on the row depended from the odds for your bet and the sum you have already invested, so at the end to finish with some profits.

This betting system is based on the probability that soon or later you are going to win a match and you will return your investments. However, in the reality this never happen. There are bad days, weeks and even months and the betting bank is lost.

So, again! When you hear about Martingale and you are not experienced stay away from it.

If you want more information about this system you can take a closer look to this video:

How the bookies define the odds

To win in betting you should know one thing which is really important. The bookies are offering their odds not because they think that team A is better than team B, but because the punter thinks so. This is very important because you have to find out the mistakes that the other punters usually do and exploit them.

Think about such a mistake. Have a five-minute break from this betting article and try to find one.

You are ready? OK, whichever mistake you found it is better for your understanding of the betting world. Now, I will show you one of the biggest mistakes the punters do, especially the rookies.

People love betting onbetting odds big guns. Barcelona is playing against Malaga? Well, they will smash them with 4 to 5 goals to null. Manchester United is host of Everton at Trafford? The Red devils should win easily by three goals.

However, it doesn’t happen all the time. If you take a look on betting stats you will see that on the matches where the favourite has odds of 1.2 or below we have between 16 and 20 percents of matches where the better team doesn’t win at all. The next thirty to forty percents of the matches the heavy favourite wins but with just one goal difference. These betting stats shows that in around 60 and a bit more percents of the matches with a strong team playing against much weaker one, the result is not a disaster for the underdog.

The situation is even better for the small teams when they play at home. However, people like big teams and love to bet on them. This is why the odds for Barcelona, Real Madrid and Manchester United are so small.

In conclusion, make effort and check Asian handicaps when a big team is playing with a small team. Check the results later and I am quite sure you will be surprised.

On the video below you will learn more about the odds and how they are defined.